Weekend Camping for P50-Manuel Uy Beach, Calatagan Batangas

I promised my friend, Allysa that I will accompany her to an out-of-town getaway when I get back from my long month Mindanao travel. So the weekend right after I got back in MNL, we headed to Manuel Uy Beach in Calatagan Batangas. Since I wasn’t the one who planned the trip, I had no idea what it’s going to be like and how the place would look like. It was Allysa’s first camping experience and she was so excited that she prepared so lit for everything that we needed like tent, mattress, pillows, blanket, cooler, water gallons, food, charcoal and even grilling pot! I didn’t even brought anything except my car! She’s amazingly ready to camp for life. 😅

We left Metro Manila around 8:30pm, braving the Payday-Friday traffic. Thank goodness for Richmond (Allysa’s bf) who graciously drove the car from Makati to Batangas. With all the traffic, stop-overs, etc, we arrived in Manuel Uy Beach around 12mn, Saturday.

We immediately looked for a spot and assembled the tent so we could settle and payed P50 each for the entrance.

The caretakers of the beach property lighted a bonfire for us for P100, that includes woods and their service.  They also assemble electrity lights but we didn’t avail it since the moon was bright enough that night.

We grilled hotdogs, toasted marshmallows and had a few drinks while listening to tranquil music until we felt sleepyheads and called it a night.

On the next morning, we got up early and prepared our breakfast. We grilled Spam and hotdogs and reheated our rice with adobo.

After eating, I decided to take a nap because I still felt groggy while my friends had some few beers. After an hour nap, I felt a lot energized so I got up and I was back to being myself again.LOL! 😅

We decided to have our late lunch in Tagaytay before going home, so we left the beach around 12:30nn and drove to Tagaytay and grabbed Bulalo for lunch.

After lunch, we looked for place to chill a bit so we headed to Dreamsland Arts & Crafts Cafe before going home.

Budget breakdown:

  • Gas* – P250 each
  • Toll* – P120 each (back & fort) P175/way Sta Rosa exit
  • Entrance – P50 (P150 for 3)
  • Bonfire service – P100 (optional)
  • Tip – P150 (optional)
  • Food – P100 (optional)

* Gas and toll are optional for people who prefers to bring a car. Commuting will be cheaper, I guess. Everything in my breakdown is optional except the entrance fee. That means, all you need to camp at the beach overnight is P50 for the entrance, everything else is optional. 😉

Other Options:

  • Electrity- P100
  • Island hopping- P150 each


Bring your own food, tent, ice cooler, and other stuff you need. In our case, thanks to Allysa for bringing everything we needed. lol. 😂

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